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SERP Supports Your Suppliers In Driving A Positive Financial Impact Back To Your Organization  

Do you expect your suppliers to deliver cost savings to your organization?  Suppliers that are leaner and more efficient, have a greater ability to increase the value they deliver to your corporation. 

SERP drives expense reduction initiatives within your supply base. The cost savings opportunity is in the millions for both your suppliers and your organization. Diverse vendors are identified and introduced throughout the process. 

For large organizations, System Stream offers SERP, a unique program that works with major corporations to identify specific suppliers that can benefit from expense reduction initiatives. 

With roots in the automotive industry, the idea for the SERP program was born. Co-Founder of System Stream, Lamar Love, owned an Industrial Supply company in Ohio and Michigan that won a national contract with Lear Corporation. This contract included reducing the industrial supplies (Safety & MRO) costs across all (200+) of their manufacturing plants across the country.  A huge success, the program exceeded the 5% cost reduction goal by delivering over 20% in savings.  Lear Corporation nominated Lamar's company for Supplier of the Year.

Business Growth - Positive Financial Impact

System Stream has taken what was learned in the automotive industry and expanded the scope to the supply base and to include over 40 areas of category expense expertise.  A specialized team in each spend category, not generalists.  As each supplier becomes leaner and more profitable, there is an opportunity to pass along potential cost savings to the major corporation for the products and services it is providing.  Multiply these savings and price improvement initiatives across many suppliers, and the savings opportunity for the major corporation is massive. 

An additional benefit of SERP is the sourcing of diverse vendors that may provide value to the majority corporation and their supply base. During the expense reduction projects, diverse vendors are identified and included in potential RFP and RFQ processes.

System Stream and their alliance partners can manage the entire process or provide support as needed and desired.  Our team is an extension of your team, helping to save time and add value by providing industry leading tools and solutions to drive your expense reduction initiatives.  In most cases, there are no upfront fees to the major corporation, nor their suppliers. If no savings are found, there are no fees and the organization receives a complimentary review of their contracts and expenditures.  This provides an extremely valuable 3rd party confirmation for the organization.

With no upfront fees, no obligation, and no risk... SERP provides a win/win/win program.  If you are a large corporation and would like to explore how SERP will benefit your organization, contact us today


"Let's assume your organization is in the Top 1% of expense reduction goal achievement.  Meaning, your team has been very effective in reducing expenses and there is very little opportunity to cut costs any further.  It is very unlikely this is the case across 40+ business services categories, but let's give your team the benefit of the doubt.  Congratulations for a job well done... however, you're still losing millions.  Why?  Because it is extremely unlikely that your suppliers have achieved the Top 1% too.  

Your suppliers are providing products and solutions to your organization based on their current cost structure.  Multiply the cumulative waste in your supply base and the financial impact to your organization leads to millions in lost opportunity.  System Stream is your invaluable resource that doesn't cost your organization a dime out of pocket, and continuously works to cut the waste out of your supply base.  The result is a positive financial impact to your suppliers and your organization."

Lamar Love, Founding Partner

Over 40 Categories of Business Services Expenses To Explore Cost Savings Opportunities

Diversity Sourcing

Whether we're driving an expense reduction project for your team or for your suppliers, we identify and introduce potential diverse vendors that may add value to the process.

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