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B2B Subsidized Corporate

Sponsorship Program

Drive Your Sponsorship Program To The Next Level

By Providing Your Potential Sponsors With A No-Risk,

No Upfront Fee Fundraising Program 



  • Sponsors consider the amount of money they are investing compared to their expected ROI.
  • Take away your sponsors' money concerns and you'll dramatically decrease their risk factors, and increase their probability of sponsorship.

  • For you and your organization, sponsorship value is perceived as very high.  You're naturally biased.  However, for your sponsor, their perceived value may be lower than yours.
  • Increase your sponsors' perceived value by taking money out of the equation.  When your sponsor pays for their sponsorship through recovered funds (money they didn't have before), the perceived value of sponsorship is dramatically increased.

  • Especially during tough economic times, your sponsors must choose and prioritize the use of funds in their budget.  Just because they like your organization doesn't mean they will budget for your sponsorship programs. 
  • Make your sponsorship program their top priority.  How?  Take their current budget out of the equation, and thus take away their decision to choose what to budget and how to prioritize their spend.

  • Do you have potential sponsors that can't afford your minimum level sponsorship packages?  How about sponsors that only buy lower level sponsorship packages because they can't afford higher levels?
  • Create a sponsorship program where your sponsors can afford the sponsorship level they really desire.  How?  Help them fund their sponsorship packages, not out of their strained budgets, but instead out of recovered funds they didn't even realize was available to them.  This new found money will pay for your sponsorship packages year after year.  

  • Have you ever had a potential sponsor tell you that they cannot purchase a sponsorship package right now because of other priorities?
  • Take away their objection and sweeten the pot!  The B2B Subsidized Corporate Sponsorship Program will not only raise the funds to pay for your sponsorship package, it most likely will also help to pay for their other priorities as well. 
  • B2B Subsidized Corporate Sponsorship Program

    How We Raise Funds For Your Sponsors

    System Stream offers a unique program that benefits your organization by helping your potential sponsors to afford your sponsorship packages.

    What is your sponsorship goal?

    You tell us your goal amount and we develop a program to achieve your number.  No matter what your current sponsorship obstacles are, we're confident that our program can overcome these obstacles and even exceed your goals.

    The B2B Subsidized Corporate Sponsorship Program (B2B-CSP) creates a consistent revenue stream for your sponsors. This revenue stream creates funds for your sponsors month-over-month and year-over-year.  There is even an incentive program that will increase the amount of charitable giving that is built into the program.

    What is this built in incentive?  It is your sponsors' desire to increase their own revenue stream.  Our program drives down their current expenses and recovers money they have already spent on various services and solutions.  This recovery of funds results in lower costs, increased cash flow, and more flexible budgets.  In turn, this drives an increase in funds for subsidized sponsorships and charitable contributions.

    Depending upon the size of your sponsors, funding can be in the 4-7 figures.

    What is an Expense Reduction Network (ERN)

    System Stream is an Expense Reduction Network (ERN) that includes several of the largest cost reduction management firms in the U.S. and Canada.  

    The ERN drives a positive financial impact for organizations by driving down costs, increasing cash flow, and creating more flexible budgets.  The result is the organization having more financial resources to deploy to various priorities that are important to their leadership team and community.  

    The B2B-CSP is a complimentary program for your organization and your sponsors too.  There are no upfront fees and no risk.  Program fees and charitable donations are paid out of the savings generated.  

    Most expense reduction projects drive an average of 28% savings across all spend categories. Your sponsors decide what percentage of the achieved savings they allocate toward sponsorship packages and charitable donation initiatives.  The mutual goal is... the greater the savings, the greater the fund.

    The B2B-CSP will drive a tremendous positive financial impact for your organization and sponsors.  Please see additional information below.  To learn more and to explore your specific opportunities, please schedule your complimentary consultation today.


    The ERN Specializes In Over 90 Spend Categories

    Vast Fundraising Opportunities

    Average Savings From A Few Select Spend Categories

    Client Experience Within The ERN

    Press Coverage Within The ERN

    Customized B2B Subsidized Corporate Sponsorship Program Fundraising Website

    You have limited resources and various activities and events to manage.  We provide your organization with additional resources at no cost.  We develop and maintain a fundraising engine that always runs to drive your sponsorship program to the next level.  

    One of the tools we provide to your organization is a customized webpage to send your sponsors to learn about your B2B Subsidized Corporate Sponsorship Program (B2B-CSP) and how it benefits them.  When they sign up for their complimentary consultation, we take it from there and report the progress to you and your team.  All you need to do is to offer the B2B-CSP as an option for your sponsors.