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Our Story

Driving A Positive Financial Impact For Your Organization 

Our team has three (3) main objectives to deliver value:

  1. 1
    Drive expense reduction initiatives within your organization
  2. 2
    Drive expense reduction initiatives within your supply base
  3. 3
    Introduce diverse suppliers that may add value to your organization and/or supply base 

Lamar Love, Founding Partner


The idea for System Stream came from Lamar's past experience:

  • Tier 1 Supplier:  Chrysler, Lear Corporation, Westinghouse, P&G, and Coca-Cola to name a few
  • National Contracts:  Chrysler, Lear Corporation, Westinghouse
  • Supplier of the Year Nominations:  Lear Corporation and Westinghouse
  • Healthcare:  Working with C-Suite teams in hundreds of hospitals (to include:  Penn Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UNC, and Baylor among many others)

Lamar has spent over 30 years building expertise in problem solving, developing and managing effective teams, and working with large organizations to deliver value that aligns with their mission.  Experience includes Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Business Coach, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, and Business Developer.  


For a Tier 1 Supplier, driving cost reduction while increasing value is a primary goal and a huge challenge.  Most suppliers struggle to deliver meaningful cost savings to their clients.  Lamar's previous company was among many that were called into Auburn Hills, Michigan for a Tier 1 Suppliers Conference.  The message that day was a mandatory 5% reduction across the board for all suppliers.  Figure it out or be replaced.  

When a supplier's margins are already razor thin, how do they reduce prices even further without negatively impacting the quality of service being provided to the client? Unless a supplier has been through these trenches before, it is very hard for them to figure things out on their own.  

On the other hand, if there is no mandate by the client for cost reduction, most suppliers simply keep with the status quo.  Periodic price increases are usually the result. There's no incentive for the supplier to figure out how to reduce pricing further and deliver more value.  At least, not until their contract is up and another RFP hits the street.  That could be 2-5 years in some cases.  Which could equate to millions in lost expense reduction opportunities. 


Lear Corporation also had a 5% price reduction mandate.  However, they took a different approach.  Lamar developed a price reduction program that highly intrigued Lear.  They took the leap of faith and gave it the green light.  In short, instead of just saving Lear the mandatory 5% savings, Lamar's company delivered over 20% in costs savings on a national contract.  The success of the program lead to a nomination by Lear for Supplier of the Year. 

When partnership intersects with innovation and a little leap of faith, success is just around the corner.  The success at Lear led to Lamar's company generating over $30M in new business opportunities within the automotive industry. 


System Stream focuses on one main goal... expense reduction.  We are an alliance network of expense reduction experts.  Our mission is to drive a positive financial impact for your organization and your suppliers.  We are your additional resource to support your expense reduction initiatives.  For your suppliers, we are that 3rd party resource that helps them figure out how to reduce their expenses so they can increase the value they deliver to your organization.  For your diversity goals, identifying and introducing diverse suppliers is integrated into our process on all projects.


Our growing Alliance Partnership Network includes:

  • Technology Spend Analytics & Price Benchmarking:  a SaaS platform with an entire support team of negotiation experts. 15-30% average client savings
  • Telecom, Cellular, Credit Card Fees, and Office Supplies:  an alliance partner driving 15-30% average client savings
  • Shipping/Freight/Logistics:  a certified MBE driving expense reduction projects for prominent national brands.  21.5% average client savings
  • Waste:  a MBE driving an average of 40% in annual savings for clients
  • Energy/Utilities:  an alliance partner the specializes in Lighting Retrofit or Replacement, Weatherization/ Conservation, Monitors/Modulators & Management Systems, HVAC & Boiler Retrofit/Conversions, Solar PV, Cogeneration (CHP)
  • Construction, Building, Engineering, and Energy Efficiency:  an alliance partner with 35 locations, 1200+ team of industry professionals

  • International:  an alliance partner driving expense reduction initiatives (40+ categories) in 43 countries
  • Procurement:  an 8(a) minority certified alliance partner with AI/ML technology that is driving hundreds of millions in savings at the U.S. DHHS
  • Healthcare:  an alliance partner that provides next generation cash flow maximization expertise; methodologies based upon research-driven insights; proven best practices gathered from leading health care delivery organizations across the country
  • IT Consulting:  a certified MBE that provides Managed Services, Staff Augmentation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Enterprise Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Agile/DevSecOps, RPA, Cloud Strategy and Migration.
  • Lean Six Sigma:  a MBE that specializes in a team-focused managerial approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects
  • Supplier Diversity:  a certified MBE that specializes in identifying diverse suppliers based on specific criteria

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