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Parcel & LTL Expense Reduction

Reduce shipping costs and spend to increase cash flow, create more flexible budgets, and to fund other strategic initiatives. 

21.5% Average Savings On Annual Shipping Costs.

If you ship with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, LTL, 3PL/F, etc... explore these customized solutions before you make any decisions.  Contingency based solutions, no obligation, and no risk.

Cost Quality Speed Efficiency


Experience makes a difference.  Our team of former UPS, FedEx and LTL pricing analysts are ready and willing to support your team in driving down shipping costs.  Data modeling, proprietary technology, and insider knowledge is leveraged to build an effective solution for your organization. 



Parcel & LTL Invoicing Audit & Pay

Ever miss a refund before?  Carrier invoices are riddled with errors.  To include late shipments, incorrect address corrections, charges for service failures, and billing errors.  These account for 1%-9% of your total invoice.

Never miss a refund again with our team's weekly 65-point audit of your carrier invoices. Our team holds your shipping carriers accountable by leveraging proprietary shipping audit software that automatically claims all your eligible refunds.


3rd Party Logistics (3PL) or Fulfillment (3PF) Contract Optimization

There are literally thousands of 3PL/F providers, all with variable pricing options, contract formats, locations, and services.  How do you really know if you're receiving the best value available in the market?  

Odds are, you have an enormous efficiency opportunity... even with your current vendor.

Our team's optimization solutions will help to cut costs and achieve the service quality you expect.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel & LTL Carrier Contract Optimization

That facts are that 9 out of 10 shippers overspend.  With millions of data points available, shippers typically hold all the cards in contract negotiations.

By leveraging our team's data points, carrier pricing analysis, and advanced data modeling, you can save up to about 30% of your annual shipping spend.

Sign for Package

Modal Optimization & Special Rate Programs

In order to achieve spend efficiency, you have to identify the right carrier and service mix.

Savings can be driven by the tactical movement of selected freight between carriers and service types.  Some strategies can even improve transit times for both outbound and inbound packages.

Smaller volume shippers may benefit from our team's plug-and-play options with Special Rate Programs.

Shipping Portal

Spend Management Portal

How much insight do you have into your shipping spend?  Enhanced visibility enables you to make critical cost-saving decisions.

Gain a better understanding of your shipping cost variables with our team's Spend Management Portal that provides you with on-demand, real-time shipping and logistics analytics. 

Accounts Payable

Parcel Pay

As the saying goes, "Time is Money".  Are carrier payments a source of frustration and hassle for your accounts payable department?  Do you experience receipt of several invoices throughout the day, varying due dates, and changing invoices due to refund credits?  This results in under or over-payment from mistimed reconciliation.

Lift the burden on your team.  Our team manages the consolidation of and payment of all your carrier invoices.  Saving you time and money.

Logistics and Shipping Optimization

  • Reduce shipping costs up to 40%
  • Reduce transit times to improve customer satisfaction
  • Create a profit center with your shipping and logistics operations
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What if I'm already in a Parcel or LTL contract?

No problem.  Our team can help to renegotiate a new shipping contract at any time. Due to shipping cost increases at least once a year, it is best practice to renegotiate most contracts at least yearly for optimal efficiency. It is extremely rare for a carrier contract to remain optimized until expiration.

Will this impact my relationship with my Parcel or LTL carrier?

Our team works with your team behind the scenes, providing the necessary data, analyses, templates, and language to help maximize your next negotiation. 

Will your program require me to switch my Parcel or LTL carrier?

If you desire to keep your current carrier, our team will help you to negotiate the best possible rates with them. However, there may be some advantages to switching your primary carrier, diversifying your carrier mix, or consolidating all your volume to a single provider. Our team will model all possible options so that you can make an informed decision based on comprehensive analytics.

If You're Wondering How to Reduce Operating Expenses In Business And Would Like To Explore Cost Cutting Ideas... Contact Us To Learn More.

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