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Merchant Services Fees Auditing & Monitoring

We Save Money on Merchant Services Fees, Without Switching Banks or Processors

Audit Your Credit Card Processing Expenses

Reduce Fees Without Having To Switch Processors

We Save You Money Without Switching Banks or Processors. Our team of experts and proprietary software creates transparency of each line-item cost to expose excessive surcharges, inflated interchange costs, and identify gateway and ERP errors to optimize interchange, enhance profits and increase EBITDA

Here's How It Works

Step 1:  Audit

Receive a complimentary line-item audit of your merchant services statements

Step 2:  Restructure

Save without Switching. We introduce savings with your current bank or processor, no need to change vendors

Step 3:  Monitor

Through exclusive software we monitor fees to ensure savings are maintained

Why Choose Our Services?

Our team is the nations leading merchant services auditing and consulting organization. We are the first choice for organizations that have complex merchant services needs .We service all businesses across all industries and align with Private Equity groups to enhanced portfolio EBITDA

Our goal and only objective is simple, to deliver the greatest savings on credit card processing fees while maintain all banking and processor relationships

Not all Merchant Services Audit Companies are equal.

Our team is the largest merchant services auditing and consulting service in the US. Our team has experience servicing more then $25 Billion in monthly credit card receivables.  The esteem client list has all benefitted from savings while maintaining all vendor relationships.


Our team reviews ERP, gateway, merchant services contracts and existing pricing structures to reverse engineer each line-item cost. Once we have full transparency of your “ all in cost” we review any savings opportunities with your team.


Maintaining a strong relationship with your bank or processor is our top priority. As your merchant advocate, our team will introduce savings card type by card type, while enhancing existing vendor partnerships or ISO relationships.


Savings money is great, but maintaining the savings is our commitment to your business. Through exclusive proprietary software, our team functions as an extension of your financial team to ensure surcharges and excessive fees do not return.


  • How does your team save money for our organization? - As your merchant advocate, our team serves the best interest of our clients to expose billing errors and hidden surcharges.  These are notorious in the merchant services industries.
  • Where does your team find savings? - The merchant services statements that your processor provides each month are confusing. Our team creates transparency as your merchant services consultant to expose those costs and hidden surcharges.
  • Why do bank and credit card processors work with your team? - As your merchant services auditing and consulting team, we help maintain the other treasury services the banks provide to your business.
  • Are you a credit processor? - Our team is a merchant services auditing and consulting organization.  We are NOT a bank, nor a credit card processor.  Being a Merchant Advocate for your business.  Since our sole focus is serving your best interest, our team works as your merchant advocate to identify and deliver savings.
  • How does the analysis work? - Leveraging our proprietary software, each month our team will present a detailed report highlighting each line item of savings.
  • How important are savings on credit card fees to my business? - With the economic constraints on businesses today, credit cards are the preferred method of payment for consumers. It may be one of your top 5 operating expense line items.  Driving this cost down may have a significant positive financial impact on your business. 

Let's Explore Your Savings Opportunity Together.  

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