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Drive A Positive Financial Impact

For Your Organization, Suppliers, Sponsors, And Foundation

System Stream manages an Expense Reduction Network (ERN) that drives cost reduction initiatives to deliver a positive financial impact to your organization, your suppliers, your sponsors, and your foundation.  The results are:

  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • More Flexible Budgets
  • Higher Sponsorships
  • Increased Funding For Projected Financial Needs 

Don't Wait for a Crisis to Reduce Costs

"If it’s been a while since you last reviewed your company’s costs and operations, don’t wait for a crisis.  Leaders who take a hard, holistic look across their cost base will find opportunity. Those who act boldly and decisively will realize short-term gains — and achieve lasting advantage."

by Paul Goydan and Kevin Kelley

Top 3 Reasons Why You Could Be Losing A Fortune



Comfort inhibits progress.  Your team's current process may deliver cost savings, but likely has not tapped into its full expense reduction potential.  



More relevant information leads to better decision-making. Your analysis only consists of historical data and RFP data from a select pool of bidders.   This not only minimizes the value of your RFP process but also leaves behind a substantial amount of potential savings. 



Your team's overwhelming workload is allowing millions to slip through the cracks.  Your team is a finite resource with limited time and tools.

Continuous improvement is the goal. If you could invest $1 to gain $3, would you break the status quo?  System Stream is your no upfront fee solution to continuously drive your expense reduction initiatives.

System Stream delivers market intelligence through price benchmarking analysis. Data from over 23,000+ organizations. 150+ million data points. Actual (never survey) data.

System Stream is an extension of your team.  Our proprietary price benchmarking tools and expert industry specific specialists focus on driving expense reduction initiatives for your organization. Best of all, you gain this valuable resource with no upfront fees.


"A large organization awarded their Telecom RFP to their incumbent vendor.  They reduced their expenses from the previous contract and felt very confident of the value they received in their RFP process. Our team finally convinced them to take advantage of the complimentary review to confirm their perceived value received. Our team analyzed and price benchmarked the RFP results and previous contract.  

The result found $4.5 million in additional cost savings, plus over $300,000 in past year's billing errors.  Our team helped to renegotiate the deal to secure the additional savings and a credit for the past year's billings errors.  

This happens frequently across multiple expense categories and organizations.  You don't know, what you don't know.  This is why our team provides a complimentary review of your business services agreements.  It pays to take us up on our no-risk offer, you just might save millions."

Lamar Love, Founding Partner

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

We already have great prices from our vendors.

We just signed a new contract and we're confident in the savings we've negotiated.

We're under contract right now and can't renegotiate for another 3 years.

We have a great team that does all of this internally, we don't use consultants.

How do you really know?  Wouldn't a price benchmarking comparison to confirm your savings potential be of value to your organization? 

Are you price benchmarking to confirm your savings potential?  If so, are you utilizing external actual data versus survey data?

What our team has found with many clients all across the country, is that contracts can be renegotiated at any point in time.  If your potential savings might be substantial, isn't it worth exploring?

So, you don't know what you don't know?  If you live on an island and never leave to explore outside of your village, how do you know what is available elsewhere?

We've already done price benchmarking and know our pricing is good.

This isn't a priority right now, we'll reach out to you if needed in the future.

Register on our portal and when a need arises you'll receive an opportunity to bid.

We don't tell our suppliers how to run their business, we trust they're providing us with the best value possible.

What data did you use for your price benchmarking?  Historical internal data, external survey data, or external actual market place data? 

When is losing millions not a priority?  What is your burn rate and how much money do you need to lose for this to become a priority?

We'll definitely register on your portal.  However, what are the chances that you already have an RFP established for spend analysis and price benchmarking across 40+ categories of business services expenses?

Trust, but verify!  What are the odds that your suppliers don't have waste in their organization that is preventing them from delivering more value to your company?  Across your supply base, its probably costing you millions.


"It is common for organizations to procrastinate and question whether or not our team can deliver value.  When our team is finally provided the opportunity to leverage our expertise and solutions, our team finds millions being lost across multiple expense categories.  This is why we feel the need to be blunt. Had our team been deployed sooner rather than later, millions could have been saved for these organizations. Procrastination and maintaining the status quo is most likely costing you millions."

Lamar Love, Founding Partner


Business Services Expense Reduction & Recovery Solutions

System Stream - Expense Reduction

Tough times call for tough scrutiny.  Now is the time to review your business expenses and to tighten the belt. 

Whether you are a small, medium, or large organization... private, public, government, or non-profit... you may be able to save an average of 28% on your business services expenses.  

Most of our solutions are contingency based (i.e. no upfront fees).  Most times, you can continue working with your current vendors.  Our team works for you.  Only if our team reduces your costs, the fee is simply a percentage of the savings.  There is no money out of your pocket and you have no risk.

If you're open to the possibilities, then let's explore your expense reduction opportunities.


A Team Of Specialists, Not Generalists

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Cellular/Mobile
  • Small Package Freight
  • Freight (TL, LTL, International)
  • 3PL
  • Fleet Management (Trucking)
  • Warehousing

Facility Management

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Waste/Trash/Hazardous
  • Cleaning Supplies & Services
  • Construction
  • Equipment Lease & Management
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Landscape Management
  • Pest Control

Operational Supplies

  • Chemicals
  • Factory Consumables
  • Fleet Management (Parts & Supplies)
  • Laboratory Supplies
  • Industrial Gases
  • MRO Supplies
  • Packaging

Corporate Services

  • Office Supplies
  • Printing
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Copiers & Managed Print
  • Mail Management
  • Professional Services
  • Records Management
  • Food Services

Personnel Services

  • Employment Services
  • Fleet Management (Vehicle Leasing)
  • Payroll/HR Admin
  • Security
  • Travel
  • Uniforms/Linens/Laundry

Banking & Financial Services

  • Merchant Card Fees
  • Bank Services
  • Insurance
  • Taxes


  • Medical Services
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacy


"Our team has experts that specialize in their specific category.  For example, we have a team that just specializes in technology expense reduction solutions.  This is all they do for clients all across the country.  Our team includes industry experts that have spent their career working for the large tech companies. Our team knows the inside and knows exactly what to look for and how to reduce your expenses."

Lamar Love, Founding Partner

Through System Stream's alliance partnership program, we have experts (over 700) that have years of experience in reducing expenses and recovering overpayments for various organizations across the country.  The impact of these solutions is in the millions depending upon the size of your organization.  These solutions increase your cashflow, create more flexible budgets, and deliver positive financial impact to your organization.  Contact us today to explore your savings potential.

Real Client Savings From Our Alliance Partner Network:

  • Large Healthcare Organization:  32.5% Expense Reduction, $4.5 Million Savings, $300,000+ Refund (Credit)
  • Cable System Operator:  $4.3 Million Incremental/Sustainable Savings.  Freight, Fleet, Merchant, Copiers, Uniforms, Utilities, Office Supplies, Telecom, Waste, and Janitorial Supplies.
  • Community Health Center:  $624,000 in Additional Cash Flow Over 3 Years, 18% Hidden Savings.  340b Pharmaceuticals, Office/JanSan Supplies, Medical Supplies, Dental Supplies, Janitorial Services, Purchased Garments, and Telecom.
  • Transportation Industry:  $400,000 Hidden Savings, 23% Savings
  • Small Business:  75-100 Devices, $11,000 1st Year Savings, $2,000 Billing Error Recovery
  • Retailer:  29% Savings in Office Supplies, $126,000 (in 1st 6-months)
  • Non-Profit:  20% Savings in Utilities
  • Hospice:  48% Savings (Records Management), 35% Savings (Printing), 34% Savings Office Supplies
  • Janitorial Services:  $180,000 Cost Reduction, Annual Savings of 19%
  • Food Services:  $63,580 Savings, 17% Annual Savings
  • Cleaning Supplies:  $63,600 in Reduced Expenses, 15% Savings Annually
  • Utilities:  $58,800 Reduction in Costs, 20% Savings
  • Pool Chemical Costs:  60% Savings
  • Sports Uniforms:  20% Savings
  • Full-Service Community Bank:  Local Courier project - 48.5% savings, $5,900/hour ROI
  • Community Credit Union - Electronic Security project - 33% savings, $1,900/hour ROI

Technology Spend Analytics

Expense reduction and recovery solutions for technology.  Combining actual benchmark technology data, a team of negotiation experts, and an unrivaled supplier network.

15-30% average client savings on technology agreements. Guaranteed 5X ROI.

Parcel & LTL Expense Reduction

Reduce shipping costs and spend to increase cash flow, create more flexible budgets, and to fund other strategic initiatives. 

21.5% Average Savings On Annual Shipping Costs.

Shipping Portal
System Stream - Supplier Expense Reduction Program

Supplier Expense Reduction Program (SERP)

SERP Helps Your Suppliers To Drive A Positive Financial Impact Back To Your Organization  

Do you expect your suppliers to deliver cost savings to your organization?  Suppliers that are leaner and more efficient, have a greater ability to increase the value they deliver to your corporation. 

SERP drives expense reduction initiatives within your supply base. The cost savings opportunity is in the millions for both your suppliers and your organization. Diverse vendors are identified and introduced throughout the process.


"Let's assume your organization is in the Top 1% of expense reduction goal achievement.  Meaning, your team has been very effective in reducing expenses and there is very little opportunity to cut costs any further.  It is very unlikely this is the case across 40+ business services categories, but let's give your team the benefit of the doubt.  Congratulations for a job well done... however, you're still losing a fortune.  Why?  Because it's extremely unlikely that your suppliers have achieved the Top 1% too.  

Your suppliers are providing products and solutions to your organization based on their current cost structure.  Multiply the cumulative waste in your supply base and the financial impact to your organization leads to a fortune in lost opportunity.  System Stream is the invaluable resource that doesn't cost your organization a dime out of pocket, and continuously works to cut the waste out of your supply base.  The result is a positive financial impact to your suppliers and your organization."

Lamar Love, Founding Partner

System Stream - Consulting

Expense Reduction Summit

Knowledge Is Power

System Stream offers a complimentary, no-obligation, interactive, and customized live webinar event that focuses on expense reduction challenges and techniques for medium-large organizations.  This event may be leveraged by your organization and/or your suppliers to help drive down costs and optimize your supply base.  Learn more today. 

How May We Help You?