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Expense Reduction Summit

Provide your team and/or your suppliers with the support they need to optimize and drive expense reduction initiatives.

System Stream - Summit

System Stream offers a complimentary, no-obligation, interactive, and customized live webinar event that focuses on expense reduction challenges and techniques for medium-large organizations.  This event may be leveraged by your organization and/or your suppliers to help drive down costs and optimize your supply chain. 

Cost Reduction Best Practices:  Strong cost reduction ideas and methodologies can come from many different industries and sources.  It is impossible for your internal team members, as capable as they are, to be knowledgeable about all relevant approaches and solutions for your organization.  Our team is constantly searching for, gathering, evaluating, and implementing successful cost reduction methodologies across many industries and cost centers.  Let us help you identify those that will add significant value to your ongoing efforts.

Focused Outside Expertise:  There is real, measurable value in having "expert outside eyes" to help you take fresh looks at effective and beneficial cost reduction opportunities within your organization.  Even with your dedicated, existing internal individuals and teams, having impartial outsiders to assist those individuals and teams to "see" incremental areas of improvement is very powerful.  Why leave money on the table?  Let us help your team to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Sharing of industry challenges and best practices
  • Interactive discussion around your organization's specific challenges
  • Review of industry leading processes and solutions
  • Real world results leading to positive financial impact
  • Development of the strategy and plan to achieve desired results
  • Complimentary
  • No Obligation
  • Customized to the needs of your team and/or your suppliers
  • For private/public, for-profit/non-profit, medium/large organizations
  • First Come - First Serve, based upon availability

Expense Reduction Summit

Drive Down Costs  |  Increase Cash Flow  |  Create More Flexible Budgets

System Stream - Solution
System Stream - Reduce Expenses

Expense Reduction Summit Agenda


This is an example of what an Expense Reduction Summit Agenda may look like.  The agenda is customized to the needs of each organization.


INTRODUCTIONS - your team and webinar facilitators


GOALS & CHALLENGES - an interactive discussion where your team shares the goals they are trying to achieve and the challenges they need to overcome to optimize and drive further expense reduction within your organization.


INDUSTRY EXPERIENCES - review of the most common challenges and best practices to drive expense reduction initiatives to drive down costs, increase cash flow, and create more flexible budgets for your organization.


PROCESSES & SOLUTIONS - review of the proven processes and solutions that has driven hundreds of millions of dollars in expense reduction results.   


RESULTS - review of actual expense reduction results achieved by various organizations around the U.S. Private and public sector, for-profit and non-profit, medium and large organizations. 


PLAN - development of the strategy forward and plan to optimize your organization's expense reduction initiatives to drive further cost reduction and maximize the positive financial impact for your organization. 

Most organizations experience a 28% average annual savings.

Contact us today to learn more about the Expense Reduction Summit.

40+ Categories Of Business Services Expense Reduction Expertise, Including...

  • Supply Chain Management
  • MRO/Factory/Facility Consumables
  • Chemicals & Industrial Gases
  • Cleaning Supplies & Services
  • Packaging
  • Equipment & Fleet Management
  • Uniforms & Linen
  • Safety & Janitorial
  • Medical Supplies & DME
  • Pharmacy
  • Food Services
  • Payroll/HR Admin
  • Employment Services
  • Insurance/General, Worker's Comp, and Health
  • Records & Information Management
  • Security
  • Office Supplies
  • Printing/Copiers/Advertising & Media Services
  • Financial/Bank Services
  • Information Technology
  • Consultancy

Proven Solution Results:

  • Shipping/Freight - $3.3 million saved annually for a major retailer.
  • Telecom - $4.5 million in additional savings achieved for a large healthcare organization (after their RFP process). Over $300k of past year's billing errors found (credit secured).
  • Telecom - 50% savings on the monthly bill, $192k annual savings for a Municipality.
  • Cellular/Mobile - 40% expense reduction, $163k annual savings for a construction company.
  • Waste/Trash - 65% savings with new vendor, 40% savings with incumbent, $75k annual savings in the automotive industry.
  • Merchant Services - 20% cost reduction, $1.5 million saved for a regional retailer.
  • Energy - $250,000 annual savings in the hotel industry, 30% in the restaurant industry, and 32% in the real estate industry.
  • Various Categories - $4.3 Million incremental/sustainable savings for a Cable System Operator. Freight, Fleet, Merchant, Copiers, Uniforms, Utilities, Office Supplies, Telecom, Waste, and Janitorial Supplies.

Every day that goes by is another day you are most likely burning money that could have been used to fund other important initiatives within your organization.  The question is, how many days will you let go by before deciding to discover just how much money you are currently burning?”

Lamar Love, System Stream

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