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Outbound Lead Development

For Higher Education Organizations  

Helping you reach your admissions enrollment goals, while reducing your total program expense. 

Research shows that the average open rate for text messages is 99%, with 97% of messages being read within the first 15 minutes. We know that a personal one-to-one SMS text message from a “Concierge” representative will be most effective in developing qualified leads for your admission team.

Our team has specific expertise in engaging with prospective students through our omni-channel messaging platform. As a team specializing in SMS text messaging support for higher education institutions for over a decade, we look forward to the opportunity to help you expand your reach and engage with more students.

Attract and retain students 24/7 and meet them where (and when) they want to engage.

Experience The Live Agent Difference

Self-service apps, chatbots, and automated operators have changed communications and experiences, but our team's live agents ensure true engagement. Our team's at-home live agents are college educated and trained to handle the specific needs of our clients. Organizations of any size, across all industries benefit from our team of accomplished professionals that are experts in listening to prospects and customers and providing them the best answers. They ensure that prospects stay interested and customers get the answers they need.


Most higher education organizations experience challenges with responding to leads efficiently and are looking for a measurable, cost-effective way to improve that process.  Many organizations have a backlog of thousands of prospective student inquiries that have not been followed up on in a consistent manner.  With your organization's current workload, how do you solve the aged-lead challenge?


Our team provides a managed one-to-one SMS text campaign to all of your aged prospective student inquiries. We also provide an ongoing solution to solve the problem of potential leads sitting in a CRM not being contacted.

Our trained staff sends personalized text messages and respond at the precise moment a prospective student responds to the outbound notification. We develop the responses from prospective students into an appointment with an enrollment representative of your organization, or hand off the information of the prospective student to your team to be contacted in a timely manner.

Our unique staffing model allows as to send thousands of text messages and respond to them 24 x 7 solely on a performance basis.


  • 24/7 Lead Development: Our staff is US-based, college-educated, and trained specifically for your institutions. Much of the staff has been part of our team for over five years and are experts in communicating with students and providing empathetic support through SMS text messaging.
  • Lead Conversion Development: The lead conversion includes carefully crafted responses for agents to use when interacting with students. Our team creates a conversion timeline based on research and what we find works best for our other clients.
  • Knowledge Base (KB) Development: The KB includes carefully crafted responses for agents to use when interacting with students. Our team creates a KB draft based on what we find works best for comparable public community college clients. After launch, we invite you to join our KB platform, where your team can audit and update the KB in real-time.

  • Reporting: We provide weekly/monthly reports via email with conversation data and analysis.

  • Support: Our team is available on an ongoing basis for technical support and customer engagement expertise.

Text Messaging Data Points

  • 99% of text messages are opened
  • 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes
  • The response rate for text messaging is 45%
  • Text message response rates are 295% higher than phone calls

Using text messaging to connect and engage aged leads is superior to any other form of outreach, be it phone, email, or direct mail.

Other Omni-Channel Communication Sources

  • Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business

  • WhatsApp
  • Other Messaging Platforms

Case Study: Engage With Students Through Text

The study grew from a simple question: What are the primary factors driving college dropout rates? Through discussions with UCLA, our team discovered that the financial aid application process was a huge barrier to student success, particularly to that of students from underprivileged backgrounds. And while there is no shortage of resources out there for students to get help with the financial aid process, most students don’t know about them or how to access them.

Most resources inefficiently focus their outreach and marketing efforts and overlook the places where students are most likely to see and engage with content. From our team's live chat and text messaging work, we knew that this trend was unfortunately prevalent in higher education marketing and communications strategy. Colleges and universities all too often design their campaigns and infrastructure around channels and platforms of communications that students simply don’t use.

The answer wasn’t in email, phone calls, websites, or mobile apps.

The answer was in text messaging.

Our team brought the hypothesis to UCLA, and they agreed. They had previously studied the effect of mobile apps in supporting low socioeconomic students, but found that students were reluctant to take the initial step of downloading the app. In contrast, text messaging has no such initial barrier or inconvenience for students to overcome. Students of all ages are texting constantly each and every day, and colleges that text-enable their services give themselves the opportunity to tap into that massive engagement.

With UCLA, our team worked to fund and implement a study of student usage and outcomes using a text messaging financial aid help service. Our team looks forward to better understanding the impact that text messaging can have on student outcomes, and hopes that the results of this study lead to better financial aid for thousands of college students in the future.

System Stream's Strategic Alliance Partner worked directly with UCLA

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