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Reduce Expenses

Expense reduction and recovery solutions can drive a significant positive financial impact for your organization.

Implement the solutions across your supply base and it could create an improved pricing matrix and more effective supply chain. In many case, there are no upfront fees, no obligation, and no risk. Contact us today to learn more.

System Stream - Expense Reduction

Reduce Expenses

Business Services Expense Reduction & Recovery Solutions


Tough times call for tough scrutiny.  Now is the time to review your business expenses and to tighten the belt. 

Whether you are a small, medium, or large organization... private, public, government, or non-profit... you may be able to save an average of 28% on your business services expenses.  

We have nothing to sell you and all work is performed on a contingency basis.  Most times, you can continue working with your current vendors or suppliers.  Our team works for you.  Only if our team reduces your costs, the fee is simply a percentage of the savings.  There is no money out of your pocket and you have no risk.

If you're open to the possibilities, then at least have a discussion with our team and make your decision from there.

40+ Categories Of Business Services Expense Reduction Expertise, Including...

  • Supply Chain Management
  • MRO/Factory/Facility Consumables
  • Chemicals & Industrial Gases
  • Cleaning Supplies & Services
  • Packaging
  • Equipment & Fleet Management
  • Uniforms & Linen
  • Safety & Janitorial
  • Medical Supplies & DME
  • Pharmacy
  • Food Services
  • Payroll/HR Admin
  • Employment Services
  • Insurance/General, Worker's Comp, & Health
  • Records & Information Management
  • Security
  • Office Supplies
  • Printing/Copiers/Advertising & Media Services
  • Financial/Bank Services
  • Consultancy

Through System Stream's partnership program, we have experts that have years of experience in reducing expenses and recovering overpayments for various organizations across the country.  The impact of these solutions is in the thousands and millions depending upon the size of your organization.  These solutions can increase your cashflow, loosen your budgets, and pad your profit margins.  Contact us today to explore the potential positive financial impact for your organization.  

Real Examples of Partner/Client Savings:

  • Large Healthcare Organization:  32.5% Expense Reduction, $4.5 Million Savings, $300,000+ Refund (Credit)
  • Cable System Operator:  $4.3 Million Incremental/Sustainable Savings.  Freight, Fleet, Merchant, Copiers, Uniforms, Utilities, Office Supplies, Telecom, Waste, and Janitorial Supplies.
  • Community Health Center:  $624,000 in Additional Cash Flow Over 3 Years, 18% Hidden Savings.  340b Pharmaceuticals, Office/JanSan Supplies, Medical Supplies, Dental Supplies, Janitorial Services, Purchased Garments, and Telecom.
  • Transportation Industry:  $400,000 Hidden Savings, 23% Savings
  • Small Business:  75-100 Devices, $11,000 1st Year Savings, $2,000 Billing Error Recovery
  • Retailer:  29% Savings in Office Supplies, $126,000 (in 1st 6-months)
  • Non-Profit:  20% Savings in Utilities
  • Hospice:  48% Savings (Records Management), 35% Savings (Printing), 34% Savings Office Supplies
  • Janitorial Services:  $180,000 Cost Reduction, Annual Savings of 19%
  • Food Services:  $63,580 Savings, 17% Annual Savings
  • Cleaning Supplies:  $63,600 in Reduced Expenses, 15% Savings Annually
  • Utilities:  $58,800 Reduction in Costs, 20% Savings
  • Pool Chemical Costs:  60% Savings
  • Sports Uniforms:  20% Savings
  • Full-Service Community Bank:  Local Courier project - 48.5% savings, $5,900/hour ROI
  • Community Credit Union - Electronic Security project - 33% savings, $1,900/hour ROI

Technology Spend Analytics

Expense reduction and recovery solutions for technology.  Combining actual benchmark technology data, a team of negotiation experts, and an unrivaled supplier network.

15-30% average client savings on technology agreements.

Parcel & LTL Expense Reduction

Reduce shipping costs and spend to increase cash flow, create more flexible budgets, and to fund other strategic initiatives. 

21.5% Average Savings On Annual Shipping Costs.

Shipping Portal

Supplier Expense Reduction Program (SERP)

System Stream - Supplier Expense Reduction Program

SERP helps suppliers become leaner, more cost efficient, and more profitable.  This helps each supplier become a more valuable part of the major corporation's supply chain. The cost savings opportunity for both the supplier and the major corporation is massive. 

For Major Corporations, System Stream offers a unique program called SERP.  The program was originated from the automotive industry.  A Co-Founder of System Stream owned an Industrial Supply company in Ohio and Michigan.  That company won a national contract that included reducing the Industrial Supplies (Safety & MRO) cost across all manufacturing plants across the country.  The program was so successful, it exceeded goals and the Industrial Supply company was nominated for Supplier of the Year.

System Stream has taken what was learned in the automotive industry and expanded the scope to include the over 40 areas of expertise listed above.  The goal is to work with the major corporation to identify specific suppliers that could benefit from expense reduction initiatives.  As each supplier becomes leaner and more profitable, there is an opportunity to pass along potential cost savings to the major corporation for the products and services it is providing.  Multiply these savings and price improvement initiatives across many suppliers and the savings opportunity for the major corporation is massive.  

System Stream and it's partners manage the entire process.  In most cases, there are no upfront fees to the major corporation, nor it's suppliers.  It may be possible for System Stream and it's partners to structure a compensation process that includes the sharing of the savings that is realized by each organization.  If no savings is found, there is no fee and the organization received a complimentary review of their contracts and expenditures.  This provides an extremely valuable 3rd party confirmation for the organization.  No upfront fees, no obligation, no risk... SERP provides a win/win/win program.  If you're a major corporation and would like to explore how SERP will benefit your organization, contact us today

System Stream - Consulting

System Stream offers a complimentary, no-obligation, interactive, and customized live webinar event that focuses on expense reduction challenges and techniques for medium-large organizations.  This event may be leveraged by your organization and/or your suppliers to help drive down costs and optimize your supply chain.  Learn more today. 

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